Hold your breath at the sight of a lizard finding and eating a large snake

The most common monitor lizard among the three found in Singapore is the Malayan water monitor (Varanus salvator) that can grow up to 3m long.

The other two species, the clouded monitor lizard (Varanus nebulous), and the rarest Dumeril’s monitor (Varanus dumerilii) can grow to a length of 1 to 1.5m. Monitor lizards are mostly carnivorous; some also scavenge on carrion. It can be found in forests, мคหgrove swamps, and even мคห-made canals!

Control of prey populationMonitor lizards feed on a huge variety of food types (eg. insects, crabs, snakes, fish, etc); they control the population of their prey, and in turn are a source of food to larger predators (eg. crocodiles).

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