Heart-rending image of a 6-year-old girl saying goodbye to her blind and deaf dog friend who has been her friend since birth

The images of a 6-year-old girl saying goodbye to her dog friend from the time she was born when the dog died have taken away ma.ny tears from the online community.

With tears in her eyes that could not hide her sadness, the little girl leaned her head on the dog’s back, gently stroking the soft fur of her dear friend long before he said goodbye to this life forever. That little girl named Lynn Bakker, from Den Delder, the Netherlands, has had a wonderful first few years with her 13-year-old dog Jaden from the moment she was born crying. The friendship between Lynn and Jaden is a one-of-a-kind friendship, so close and so close that almost everyone in the online community knows about it.

Lynn Bakker Six-year-old Cuddles up to his dog Jaden in his final moments before he is put to sleep

Lynn spent the last moments of her life with her dog Jaden.

But sadly, friend Jaden grew older with time. At the age of 13, Jaden was diagnosed with complete deafness, almost blind eyes and could no longer walk. Lynn’s father, famous photographer Jeffrey took Jaden to the hospital and was forced to accept Jaden’s departure because there was no better choice than that. Jaden will say goodbye to the world and her little friend Lynn forever early next month, the day after Lynn’s birthday.

Lynn stroked the Jaden bulldog on her head as they spent his last moments together before he passed away

Sadness was evident on the 6-year-old girl’s face.

Photographer Jeffrey said: ‘Lynn has been with Jaden through everything, and Jaden is also happy to let Lynn do anything from sitting on her back or wearing funny jewelry to taking photos. Both of them are so cute that the pictures taken are always beautiful. But sadly Jaden is getting old and weak, he is already 13 years old and can no longer walk. We had to let it go.”

Lynn from Den Helder in the Netherlands has been spending a lot of time with her 13-year-old pet, Jaden, since the moment she was born.

The two had a long happy time together.

Lynn relies on Jaden while playing with her toys after the pair have developed a close bond

The pair even don matching outfits as Lynn, dressed as a pink princess, puts a crown on Jaden’s head

Jaden did everything Lynn asked.

“Lynn almost broke down. My family is heartbroken to say goodbye to this dog. We will miss it very much. But in a life where, at times, we are forced to leave the people we love, it was so important for Lynn to realize that and fortunately Lynn had a chance to say goodbye before Jaden passed away.

She was very sad when she found out the truth but now she is no longer crying. Instead, she talked to Jaden about the good times they had together as much as she could. We always hope that’s how she remembers this special friend.”

Before Mr. Bakker’s Jaden died, Jaden decided to capture moments from his daughter’s special friendship with their pet in a series of captivating images.

Lynn was forced to break up with her best friend.

Before Jaden passed away, Jeffrey decided to capture the moments of the wonderful friendship between his daughter Lynn and her best friend Jaden with touching photos. The photos were quickly shared widely on social media and the two quickly appeared in many newspapers and magazines. This unique connection has touched the hearts of thousands of readers around the world.

Lynn relies on Jaden while playing with her toys after the pair have developed a close bond

Heart-rending image of a 6-year-old girl saying goodbye to her blind and deaf dog friend

Lynn’s parents were worried about how the dogs would react when their daughter was born

The beautiful moments of the couple were recorded by their father.

Mr. Jeffrey said: “I wanted to capture the moments Lynn and Jaden together because Jaden is old and we can’t predict how long Jaden will live. Lynn is too young and I don’t want her to forget. this special friendship. From the time she was a toddler, Lynn had a hobby of going out for walks with Jaden. The two grew up together and became close friends.”

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