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He Heard Cries Coming From A Dumpster. What He Finds Inside? SHOCKING!

The search is ON for an anonymous hero who happened to be at the right place in the right time to save this tortured little cutie.

Wendy Hall-Devoti remembers the day she first saw Teal. She was at this fast food restaurant when a man wearing a nice suit came in frantically asking for help. His shirt and tie were all covered in paint and he was huddling something in his arms. When she came close, she saw her, a tiny kitten she named Teal was crying in a dumpster, covered in paint and barely alive when this amazing man got off his bike and dived in to save her.

Teal was rushed in to the nearest animal shelter when she was given a thorough check up and sent home with her new foster mom, however in all the panic that ensued, she never asked a man what his name was.

If you’re reading this anonymous stranger, we all thank you for what you did. You can rest assured the kitty will get all the love she deserves.