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He attempts to put leash on cockatoon so the bird proceeds to throw a profane temper tantrum

A cockatoo named Eric let his owners know his feeling about wearing his leash and his harness. He is clearly showing his mad attituden but we can’t help but laugh at his behavior

Eric has starred in several videos. This one starts out with Eric’s owner, Lester, telling his cockatoo to get his harness. In the video, you’ll then hear Lester’s wife asking the cockatoo if he has his harness. The harness is attached to a leash and draped over the back of a chair when Eric starts to pick it up with his beak.


When the bird’s owner asks him if he is ready to take a walk, he flings the harness and the leash over the chair and it falls to the floor. Lester picks it up and proceeds to try to put the harness over Eric’s head. The feisty bird won’t have it, however, and he hops away. Then he hops back over to Lester, and his owner tries to put the harness on him again. With that, Eric nips his master’s hand, calls him a f**kin f**khead and hops away.

Eric has made a name for himself. On the internet, he’s known as Eric the Legend. He’s a foul-mouthed bird that speaks his mind and makes a lot of people laugh.

Let others chuckle by telling them to watch Eric in the video. This cockatoo may be a bad boy at times, but he is incredibly smart and so adorable.