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Great Rescue Everybody A Cow Meets Must Give Him A Snuggle

Even the most lively animals want a sleep now and then, and the lucky ones get to doze off right on a friend’s shoulder. Chico is a cow noted for his energy.

2017 saw the arrival of Chico to The Gentle Barn, an animal refuge after he was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Since then, he has been a barn favorite.

“Chico is amazing!” Ellie Laks, the founder of The Gentle Barn, told The Dodo. “He is the leader and directs the others, guards them, and freely distributes hugs to all of us. He is exceedingly caring, knowledgeable, and courageous.

According to Laks, when Chico first arrived, it was clear that he was in charge of the herd. When Chico went to the grass and woods, the other cows followed. Laks knew that if she wanted to gain the trust of all of them, she would first have to gain Chico’s trust. Luckily, it didn’t take long before Chico was eating out of her hand and letting her give him pets and hugs.

In a loving embrace, Chico will now wrap his neck around my and other people’s, according to Laks.

Chico is self-reliant and enjoys playing in the snow during the winter. The enormous cow turns into an even larger softy, though, once fun is ended and Chico is exhausted. That was made abundantly evident when he passed out directly over one of the volunteers’ shoulder.


Laks claims that when the farm’s cows gain our trust, they become quite affectionate and physical.

After they’ve recovered, Laks stated, “[they] learn to forgive, choose to trust us, lie down, and allow us to cuddle them.” They give us cuddles in return by encircling our necks or, in this instance, resting their heads on us.

Chico and his family, which also includes the Gentle Barn cows Johnny Cash, Eddie, Houdini, and Roo, may now be seen lounging in the field.

Chico has lots of room to run about in his new house, and what happens if he gets tired? Well, there are many shoulders to rest your head on.