Grandma’s Clapping And Singing Makes Dog “Wiggle” Dance

Every dog has a trick. Maybe it’s not of the jumping-through-hoops-on-fire variety, but we love our pets and the cute little things they do. Actually, everything they do!

It’s when my cat does something so strange that it shows me her true colors. It’s that small, brilliant moment where her itty bitty soul shines through and I feel like I know her just a little better. At that moment, she owns her weirdness. And who am I to judge whether or not chatting and clacking at the birds on the other side of the window is absurdly bizarre or not? In her mind, it makes sense.

That’s just like this funny pup, what he’s doing probably makes sense in his little doggy mind, too. And let’s be honest, this is just way too funny to ignore. In this uniquely wonderful and entertaining video, we open up to a small granny in a wheelchair. She’s at home in the dining room while a family member records all the excitement. I sure am glad this was caught on camera.

While grandma is seated and clapping her hands, she’s singing a song in Spanish for one loyal audience member. It’s not her grandson or granddaughter. There are no kids or other adults, or even a TV she’s moving to. There is, however, the family’s white bulldog, Coco, sitting on his behind (like a human!) right in front of the woman. He’s not barking or walking. He’s not sleeping either…

The adorable pup is, in fact, dancing. With his bum on the floor, Coco’s using his back legs for support and to help keep him upright while his front paws keep him balanced. Positioned like this, he’s able to move his head up and down and shake around to the lovely sound of grandma’s singing. Notice Coco’s back left leg moving up and down, keeping the beat of the song, not to mention his tongue licking up and down, sticking in and out as she claps and lovingly sings to him, and only him!

After a few moments, the pup gets up and turns around, reconfiguring his position, maybe just to get the blood flowing after sitting the way he was for so long. Seconds later, Coco’s back at, not wasting a moment or missing a beat entertaining the whole family and giving grandma such joy! At the end of the video, you can hear laughing and giggles as the dog stops, gets up and exits. His work here is done!

Click the video below to watch this funny little bulldog soak up all the attention. He may be small, but he’s got a 10-foot-tall personality!

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