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Give Your Serotonin Level A Boost With 22 Cute Animal Photos Of The Week

Animals make our weekends special.

Hello everyone? Excited for the weekend? We hope everyone is as excited as us and ready for the weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? We suggest, do something productive or something that brings you joy. For some people, it can be meditation, workout, long-drive or movie night but for us, it is browsing through cute animal photos in the morning. Whenever we start our day with cute pets, our day gets so much better. We feel so light and so relaxed. Animals add so much positivity to our day and you will agree with it after going through our list. Today we have something special for the weekend and it is full of cute doggos, fluffy kitties and beautiful birds. Scroll down to make your weekend better.

1. “An exhausted stray, knowing she’s found home.”

Nothing matches the sleep you enjoy in your forever home.

2. This boy turned 1.




Animals get big so quickly. Just look at his 1 year of growth.

3. Just three hours into his forever home and look at him:



4. “This is Django, and he wants to love you”




Some boys need to take classes from him.

5. Warning: There is a sociable dog ahead. You might be cuddled to death.



6. No matter how big I get, I will always be a little lap dog.




7. “This is Taz! I own a farm and he showed up with a maintenance guy, I didn’t learn a thing today lol”



8. Such a gorgeous pup!




9. When you want to taste everything:



10. “Catzilla”




They probably want to come inside and have some fun with you. Open the door, please. We bet you would not regret it. We hope you enjoyed this collection of wholesome animals. Have you ever met a stray animal? Comment down to share your thoughts.