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Friendship Between Captured Wolf And Donkey Sets Them Free

Selfless and passionate people all over the world work tirelessly every single day in order to try and make a difference. It could be a fight for gender equality, receiving justice, animal cruelty, or even preserving a beautiful landmark. And it’s these people who, by taking all steps possible, manage to make this planet a better place. Whether they’re doing something massive or not, every little bit helps when it comes to doing the right thing—and this story is a testament thereof.

It involves an elderly donkey who was at the hands of evil humans in a small village in Patok, Albania. They used and abused it until it was no longer of any use to them. When that day came, they decided that they would merely feed the poor animal to a wolf who they had captured and locked up for a prolonged period of time. But when they did, they were left speechless.

They expected the wolf to behave in an aggressive and barbaric fashion—instead, the wolf was gentle and loving towards the donkey, a very unlikely occurrence. But that isn’t even the best part.

You see, the inhabitants of the small town had heard about the donkey and the wolf, and the terrible treatment that they had received, and so, they worked hard to gain as many signatures from the community in order to create a petition against the capturers.

After, they addressed The Ministry of Environment in Albania which took it very seriously. They visited the site and ordered the capturers to release the two animals. The donkey was given a new home with green pastures while the wolf was able to roam free. It was said that, on occasions, the wolf would even visit its friend, the donkey! Isn’t that a beautiful sign of respect and friendship?

The story, while extremely haunting at first, is one that proves that hard work almost always pays off! If you’ve loved this story’s happy ending, be sure to share it with your family and friends.