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Freshpet Teamed Up With Three Shelters To Give Overlooked Homeless Dogs a Holiday They’d Never Forget.

Freshpet is at it again. After last year’s campaign in which they asked us to help feed pets in need, this Christmas they’re doing it again, assisted by adorable yet overlooked shelter dogs.

This year they’re going one step further. Not only are they continuing their 1 view = 1 meal policy, 6 dogs who starred in it got adopted thanks to this adorable video. It will kick your Christmas spirit up a notch! ?

The pet food manufacturer teamed up with three rescues and shelters to give some of their most overlooked homeless dogs a holiday they’d never forget.

The dogs were boarded on the Freshpet trolley where they headed off for a nice day at the park… and that was just the start of it all.

After a long day of expending all of their energy, the dogs worked up quite the appetite. So they headed back to the Freshpet kitchens where holiday meals were prepared for all of the pooches. And their Christmas dinner is really heartwarming to witness. ?

The best part of the entire day? The event led to the adoption of six of the dogs! Beau, Pudgie, Charlotte, Itsy, Lilly, and Bat all found the loving forever homes they’d waited for so long.

And you can join in on their mission.

Every view this video gets means 1 meal for shelter dogs.