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Farmer Finds His Missing Ducklings With His Cat

This is not your typical cat and kittens story!

One day, Ronan and Emma Lally in Clara in County Offaly, Ireland, noticed that three of their newly hatched ducklings had gone missing.

Ronan thought their disappearance might have been because of Della the cat. Expecting the worst, they went to investigate.


They found the cat with the ducklings and Della had one of the babies in her mouth.

But to their utter astonishment, she wasn’t trying to eat the bird, she was attempting to nurse it!


The cat had adopted the baby ducks and was looking after them alongside her three own newly-born kittens.

Six days later, cat, kittens and ducklings were all doing fine. The video below tells the whole story.


Of course the ducks can’t suckle, but it is amazing how the cat and ducklings behaved like they were all one big happy family!

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