During the Oscars, Morgan Freeman was seen wearing a glove on his left hand; the reason why is really sad.

The 2023 Academy Awards event has a lot going on, and last night was only the beginning.

Award winners included Brendan Fraser, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, and Ke Huy Quan, but Everything, Everywhere, All At Once took home the most hardware of the night.

But, many people may have missed a scene featuring Morgan Freeman at the 95th Academy Awards because of all the glitz and glamour surrounding the event. Thankfully, astute followers noticed, and responded in droves, across all available social media platforms.

Freeman and Margot Robbie were onstage to honour Warner Brothers’ centennial, but the actor was conspicuously missing a glove off his left hand. The backstory of that dress choice turned out to be very tragic…

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Morgan Freeman is among the most legendary and well-known performers of our time. That’s why many were so perplexed by the fact that he was wearing a black glove when he finally made his way out onto the stage at yesterday night’s Oscars ceremony. A matter of taste, perhaps? A reference to a past role he’s played?

Yet, there is a darker backstory to consider.

Freeman, 85, has reportedly been wearing the glove since a terrible vehicle accident in Mississippi in 2008.

A late night while driving home, the Se7en actor’s automobile went off the road and flipped multiple times before coming to a halt in a ditch.

Paramedics reportedly arrived quickly, but they needed hydraulic cutters to release the actor from his car. Freeman was reportedly fully alert and even joked with his rescuers the whole time.

Yet, the 71-year-old actor’s injuries were so severe that he had to be airlifted to a hospital in Memphis, which was more than 100 miles away from the location of the accident.

Freeman’s left arm was reset after undergoing a four-hour operation to heal several shattered bones.

The actor suffered significant nerve damage and ongoing shoulder discomfort as a result of the event. Following the incident, Freeman was unable to use the affected limb normally, leading to swelling and the need for him to wear a compression glove to alleviate the condition.

Freeman told People magazine in 2010 that he still felt the effects of the collision even though it had been two years after the incident.

The star of The Shawshank Redemption indicated that swelling of the hand would occur if the actor did not use his or her hands. Did you realise that you move your hand a million times a day?

I had no idea Morgan Freeman had been in such a catastrophic vehicle accident, much less that he still has a permanent impairment as a result of it.

Still, I count him among my favourite actors of all time. No matter how down I am, just hearing his voice lifts me up. Just how about you? Do you like Morgan Freeman’s work? If so, please share your thoughts in a comment below.

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