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Drowning Baby Giraffe Saved From Crocodile-Infested River By Villagers

This is the moment a village came together to help save the life of a wild animal in need.
It was a baby giraffe who was stranded for four hours in the crocodile-infested waters of the Uaso Nyiro River in Kenya.

So the community stepped in and did everything they could to save the poor baby giraffe’s life.

They came together and risked their lives by stepping into the crocodile-infested, fast-flowing river to rescue the wild animal.

The giraffe’s long legs were trapped by some dead branches in the river which meant the villagers came out with machetes to cut it loose.

Images posted on the Samburu Aboriginal Heritage museum forum’s Facebook page by Facebook user Baba Sue show the steps of the rescue.

The community’s heroism did not go unnoticed, with the post being reshared all over the internet with netizens all of the world hailing them as heroes.

Every rescue counts for the giraffes declining population. Well done to Baba Sue and the community.