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Dog Thrown Away In Dumpster Is So Proud And Happy Now

Bowie found in wire cage and thrown in a dumpster like trash. But months later, he’s became the happiest, zoomiest dog out there.

Bowie’s rescue began when a former adopter of Wichita Animal Action League was taking out garbage and heard a noise inside the dumpster. Inside was Bowie!



Sarah Coffman, founder of Wichita Animal Action League, knew right away Bowie was a lovebug because he immediately wanted to climb into her lap and cuddle. Bowie needed a week of round-the-clock care at the vet hospital because he was so skinny and they needed his health to stabilize before he could go into foster care. For two months after, Bowie put on weight with his foster caregivers Lee and Darcy.

Sarah says that when it came time for Bowie to move foster homes she was reluctant to give him over and even wanted to foster Bowie herself. But her fears were allayed when she saw the “welcome Bowie” sign that new foster caregivers Bonnie and Matt had put o their door.



It only took two days for Bonnie and Matt to realize that Bowie was there to stay. Now Bowie enjoys running and playing and snuggling with his new family!




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For those wondering, Bowie’s former owner was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and was ordered to pay restitution to Wichita Animal Action League as well as serve 24 months probation. The judge said in court, “Animals are not pets, they are an extension of our family.”




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O postare distribuită de Bowie the Bully (@bowieloud)


connie “welcome bowie”

Wichita Animal Action League

Bowie was just skin and bones when his owner left him next to a dumpster. Watch him transform into the chubbiest, goofiest boy!