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Dog Runs Around With Pool On His Head During A Game Of Hide And Seek

Dogs are amazing creatures. Their mere presence can evoke a feeling of calmness, serenity, and happiness. Not only that, but they’re absolutely amazing companions that will be loyal to you forever—no buts!

It’s also true that these amazing animals have the ability to make us smile brightly and laugh endlessly with their unique personalities and hilarious quirks. And that is why this video is something too funny not to share.

It takes place outside, presumably on a hot summer’s day, and a few children are enjoying a swim in their pool. But these kids totally love playing a joke on their adorable doggie! They’ve decided to hide from their furry friend by getting underneath the portable pool. This, in turn, makes the dog even more inquisitive to see where they’ve gone, so in an attempt to find them, it crawls underneath the pool too. And—ta-da! The little pooch has found them!

As the kids run out from under the pool, the doggie gets left behind, making a run for it. Little did it know, the pool would be moving around with it in a hilarious fashion. Still, the pooch runs about the garden, having an absolute ball.

Of course all the children, as well as the woman filming the occurrence, are in absolute stitches—something you will be in too, once you’ve seen the video!

Has your dog done anything this hilarious? If so, let us know in the comments below!

And in the meantime, our recommendation? Give the clip a watch and enjoy the laughs! And if you’ve found it as funny as we have, share it with your dog-loving or comedian friends, because they’ll surely get a kick out of it too.