Dog Is Excited To Meet Baby After Months Of Waiting

If you have spent much time with dogs, you have probably recognized that they are extremely perceptive animals. While it differs from dog to dog, many dogs are incredibly sensitive and notice even the most subtle changes in their environment, especially when things start to change with their favorite human.

To a dog, you are its whole world. When we leave the house during the day, we go out and see cars, stores, and countless other people and things. We have a life that encompasses a whole, wide world. But for a dog, that whole world is you. While we devote time and energy to so many things and activities, some that we enjoy and some that we don’t, most dogs devote most of their time and energy to two things: spending time with their human and waiting to spend time with their favorite human. Oh, and if you’re one of my dogs, food plays a pretty big role, as well.

So, it’s only natural that a dog notices when its owner becomes pregnant. Not only can a dog sense the changes with the mom, they are certainly going to notice all of the changes that happen in their home. The dog may not know what is happening, but they certainly realize that very big changes are on the way.

The pup in this video knew his life was going to change but wasn’t sure how. Then, he met his new baby sister and could barely contain his excitement at the new human in his life. With a correct and patient introduction, most dogs will take the new addition in stride and it looks like the dog and baby in this video are going to be fast friends. They have so many wonderful memories to make together!

The key is to always have a solid plan in place before bringing your dog to your newborn. You never know how he/she will react, so it’s always safe to proceed with caution. 99% of the time, though, these meetings will go great. I’ve witnessed some beautiful “first meeting” moments myself!

Have you heard of some incredible baby and dog meetings? Share your stories in the comments below, we’d love to read about them!

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