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Dog dumped in a trash truck struggles to survive

The world will only begin to change when we understand that animals have the same right to life as everyone else. It is in our hands to make sure that we provide them with all the benefits they need so that they can grow, develop, and live a long and enjoyable life.

However, reality is different and every day we come across stories that show how wicked some people can be. They do not spare any effort when it comes to hurting their furry friends.

The dog was at the bottom of a garbage dump.

There are many dogs that must suffer the worst situations after being abandoned. It is well known that the streets are not a safe place for them, much less if they are just starting out in life.


Amidst the desperation to survive, they eat almost anything to avoid starvation.
The dumps become one of the most frequented places by the furry ones who come in the hope of finding something to relieve their hunger.

This is how a little puppy was almost buried in the garbage bags while looking for something to eat. Its small size compared to the huge debris that surrounded it made it difficult to get out.

It wasn’t until a group of volunteers noticed his plight and quickly stepped in to provide all the help the dog needed .

If help hadn’t been received in time, it is possible that the cub would have died.


In the video you can see that the dog was at the bottom of the trash. The rescuers had to dig to get to him.

The local rescue organization took him to their facility, where they provided him with all the medical care he needed.

His rescue reminds us that in the right hands anything is possible.
After a series of examinations, the veterinarian determined that his health was quite stable. He had no serious injuries or illnesses to worry about.

For the first time in a long time, he drank clean water

We had to give him some vitamins and vaccines so that he could grow up as a strong and healthy puppy.

The fate of this beautiful puppy has slowly and satisfyingly begun to change. He has gone from being almost buried in a garbage dump to living in a foster home, where he is receiving all the care he needs for his recovery.

He is still receiving treatment and all the love he deserves.


We are sure he will find the loving family he deserves.

Thanks to the quick action of the rescuers, today this puppy is enjoying a better quality of life. It shows us that the good guys are more and united we can make the change we want to see. Share and fill the world with good stories.