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Diver doesn’t know what that shark wants. Until the creature grabs his hand

According to the Nature Conservancy, sharks are the biggest species of fish in existence. The video below features a jaw-dropping encounter with a gentle whale shark and it is going to shock you for sure!

The divers in the clip were deep under water when one of them was approached by the massive creature. The man thought the shark would just pass him like they normally do. But the shark tugged on his hand instead. The diver was confused and his team was concerned for him. But then the shark let go of his hand and moved passed him. The man then noticed what the shark had been trying to tell him. The poor thing was entrapped in a huge commercial fishing rope which was cutting into its fins. So the man immediately got to work. He took out his knife and started cutting the rope. The shark was rescued in less than a minute, but it was quite clear that the rope had been stuck to its body for quite a long time.

A whale shark is gigantic and can be pretty intimidating, but it does not attack human beings unless it is aggravated or its children are harmed. Wait till you see how beautiful this rescue is!