Dima, the child thrown away like garbage! The parents didn’t even want to see him at birth because he looked too weird, they abandoned him at the first opportunity.

Dima is a little boy from Ukraine whose story has gone around the world, touching mothers and fathers all over the globe.

Unfortunately, Dima was born with hydrocephalus, popularly called “water on the brain”, and the misfortune caused his parents to abandon him from the moment he was born.

This is how Dima ended up in an orphanage for disabled people, where things were not easy for him at all.

At the age of 4, Dima had developed intellectually far beyond everyone’s expectations, having an extremely rich vocabulary, but despite this, the child had problems: he could not feed himself and could not walk.

With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, things became tragic for all the children in the orphanages: they were evacuated or walked from place to place.

This is what happened to Dima, and because of this his condition deteriorated even more.

Being in a terrible state, Dima arrived at a new orphanage, but no one gave him a chance, but only here his life would change completely.

His rescue came from a family in the United States of America who wanted to save a child in distress, that’s how they reached Dima, and adopted him.

From that moment the little one’s life changed completely, his health improved considerably.

Currently Dima lives with his adoptive family in America, his name is Zebadiah, and he is surrounded by 7 loving brothers, also adopted.

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