Dad Serenades His Deaf Son – Baby Boy’s Reaction Has Dad’s Tears Flowing Like A River – Video

Music has the power to influence, and it is because it is based on senses. However, this story of a father who sang to his son and started cr-ying when he saw his son smile is going viral.

Judah Oxendine was born prematurely. Along with the other risks associated with being a premature baby, he was also diagnosed with other issues including, cerebral palsy and severe hearing impairment.

When his father, Zach, held him in his arms and sang ‘Boy’ by Lee Bruce to him, the little boy gave his father a genuine smile. On seeing his son smile, Zach couldn’t hold back his tea-rs and started getting emotional.

In a conversation with Mirror, Zach said that the song was a special one for him since he could relate to the lyrics. He also said that the song helped him realize his family’s strength and wanted to share it with his son.

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