Dad and his 2 daughters suddenly rush into the living room, but now watch when he turns around

There are a lot of different opinions on what makes a great dad. Making sure that your kids are raised well and have a lot of fun is definitely up there on the list.

This Christmas, the dad in this video might just have won the “Father of the Year” award. His shocking dance with his two daughters is downright hilarious – and the internet is now laughing hard at his epic moves!

These last weeks, Steve Haddad from Michigan has become a viral sensation on the internet. This Christmas, he decided to give his family and friends the surprise of their lives – by treating them to an unforgettable living room dance show.

This is absolutely awesome!

This dad clearly knows how to be confident and to laugh at his own expense. He and his two daughter dance to Beyoncé’s hit song “Single Ladies” wearing black leotards – including the dad! This guy is great!

More than 30 million views

His wife took out her cell phone and filmed the whole thing – and now more than 30 million people have watched this hilarious video! Major props to the dad for his courageous choreography!

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