Custodian Learns Teen Is Starving And Homeless So She Shows Him Her Janitor’s Closet

Carolyn Collins is the custodian at Tucker High School in Tucker, Georgia. On any given day, you can find Carolyn picking up after the students, mopping the floors, and restocking the bathrooms.

But three years ago, something happened at school that added an unexpected element to Carolyn’s job.

Several students approached Carolyn as she performed her early-morning tasks before the first bell rang. The kids, who’d been dropped off early that day, said they were starving and had nowhere else to go.

Carolyn, whose young son was killed during a horrific home invasion, felt an instant calling. She came to learn about the shocking number of high school students who were sleeping in cars or hotels, many of them too ashamed to speak up.

That’s when Carolyn decided to transform a closet tucked in the back corner of the school’s cafeteria. This is in addition to her traditional janitor’s closet, but it serves an entirely different purpose.

Watch the video below to see what Carolyn keeps inside her other janitor’s closet, and please SHARE this amazing woman’s story with your friends on Facebook!

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