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Cops Follow The Sound Of Dog Barking In Cornfield In Order To Find Missing Child

Being lost is something most of us will experience at one point of our lives. Whether it’s during a vacation, in a new city, or while visiting somebody – most of us will experience this uncomfortable feeling of not recognizing our surroundings and not knowing where to go from here. This is already an unpleasant experience when you’re an adult or late teen. When small children get lost, it can be much more frightening. Not only for the child who can’t find their way back home or to their parents but also for said parents. Nothing is worse for a parent than losing their children, not knowing where they are or whether they’re safe.

As told by the Inside Edition, Timberlyn Merritt from Missouri is one mother who experienced exactly this horrible feeling. She has a daughter, Remy, who at the time of this incident was 3 years old. As a stay-at-home mom, Timberlyn is always busy taking care of her family. Their at the time 1-year-old Yorkie called Heath was their constant companion at home. The family owned a house with a beautiful yard, directly next to sprawling cornfields.

One beautiful day during summer in 2018, Timberlyn suddenly realized that Remy seemed to be missing. As she realized her daughter had suddenly vanished one minute from the next, it was beginning to get dark. She immediately assumed her daughter might have wandered off into the dense and far-reaching cornfield next to their house. As any good mother would be in that situation, Timberlyn was immediately worried and scared.

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“My heart was definitely racing,” she told Inside Edition.

She quickly searched the area herself, calling for her daughter again and again. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear or see anything. She called the police to report her missing daughter before going back out into the by then dark cornfields. She walked through them shouting “Remy!” over and over again.

Timberlyn believed that their pet Yorkie Heath had wandered off into the cornfield, with Remy following her little furry friend close behind. Word soon spread about the missing girl, and soon the entire farming community showed up and joined in on the search. More than 100 people took time and arrived in the dark of the night to look for the little girl. The search went on through the night. Timberlyn recalls that she was worried how her daughter was faring as it grew darker and temperatures colder.

“I thought she was gonna be scared. She was all alone. Didn’t know if she knew we were coming for her.”

A search-and-rescue helicopter circled the area looking for Remy while police canines walked through the area. While nobody assumed a kidnapping had happened, there was still reason to worry about the little girl’s safety.

“There are all kinds of wild animals, we hear coyotes all the time,” Timberlyn explained.

After 12 whole hours of searching, things were starting to look grim. Luckily, one of the police dogs suddenly barked. The police then heard a weaker bark, half a mile away from the home of the family. The police quickly let the dogs lead them to the area where they found Remy and her beloved Heath. She was fast asleep with her faithful dog right by her side, barking for attention.

“She told us he stayed all night with her out there,” her mother said, “that little dog Heath is definitely a hero.”

Aren’t dogs amazing? They truly are our best friends. Do you have a faithful dog who never leaves your side? Leave us a comment and then pass this on!

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