Clever Dolphins Form Circle To Catch Dinner

Whenever I get that chance to explore the great outdoors and do something that makes me have a one-on-one experience with animals, I’m all for it! If you’re taking me on a trip down south, then you bet I’m all for snorkeling amongst the life underwater.

One of the things I really want to do is get up close and personal with a dolphin! I’ve seen them from far but getting up close would be something totally different!

Everyone loves bottlenose dolphins. They are known for being friendly, kind, curious and how they just get along with everybody! They make funny clicking noises and can be trained easily. However, what we tend to forget, is that at the end of the day, they are hunters – really, really stealthy ones!

When in captivity, they are usually handfed. Life is comfortable, there’s not much challenge or struggle. But in the wild, it’s a different story. They have to plan, and search and hunt. Living from meal to meal in the open ocean presents its series of struggles. That’s precisely why these smart dolphins have learned to improvise.

What starts off as a typical day in the shallow waters off the shore, a lone dolphin separates from the pod. He forges forth, using his tail to hit the sea floor, causing silt and mud to rise to the surface. He makes his way around, creating a circle that then turns into a spiral. As he is zeroing in, the inner circle is getting smaller and smaller.

This one dolphin’s behavior, at first, appears unusual. Why is he leaving his pod behind? After all, dolphins don’t usually stray too far from each other, always with fellow dolphins nearby. It’s at this point, once the circle has become too small, that the rest of the pod appears, leading up to a feeding frenzy that is incredible to watch.

Click below to see how these crafty creatures dine in style.

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