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What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Sheets

No one loves laundry day. Yet, if you’re thinking you can go more than 7 days without stripping your bed you are terribly wrong. You may not realize it, but lying in sheets full of germs and bacteria could be extremely harmful to your health. On the other hand, if you are washing the bedsheets...More Please

Napping More Can Improve Your Love Life, Reduce Stress And Much More

Nowadays, modern busy lifestyles are often at odds among many healthy ambitions. Therefore, many people are too busy with lots of activities, which in the end makes us chronically sleep-deprived. Luckily, power naps exist and they are highly helpful and beneficial. In fact, napping boosts the function of the brain, improves problem-solving, perceptual learning, object...More Please

1 Simple Remedy to Naturally Get Rid of Snoring and Sleep Apnea Fast

Snoring is loud breathing during sleep that sounds like obnoxious rattling, and is extremely annoying. Also, snoring is one of the most irritating sounds to offer your partner get a good night’s sleep. In fact, this issue is actually one of the leading causes of divorce. Rest is extremely crucial for your health, and none...More Please

Teaspoon of Nutmeg to Help Fall Asleep and Relieve Insomnia Symptoms

Various studies worldwide have shown the prevalence of insomnia is more than 30% of the population in the U.S. In fact, more than half of Americans complain about not getting enough sleep. In order to resolve insomnia symptoms sometimes, doctors prescribe certain medications. However, taking medications have been found to do more harm than good...More Please