Cat Survives on Candy After Being Locked Inside a Shipping Container

Cats are known to have adventures all the time, but nothing compares to this Ukraine kitty story. In mid-January, a Ukraine-based company called Star Shine Shipping posted a story about a kitten that survived on one of its ships simply by eating candy.

You see, the kitten was incidentally locked into one of the containers and went on a 3,000 km. trip from Ukraine to Israel. Since there was no kitty food in the container, it survived the 3-week trip by snacking on candy. What surprised everyone the most was that there was no drinking water, yet the kitten came out perfectly healthy.

Star Shine Shipping launched an investigation into the matter. There wasn’t anyone to blame except for the cat’s curiosity. CCTV footage showed it entering one of the containers one day on the dock. It was locked up by the staff and went on the famous trips. Luckily, it came out unharmed.

We’re really happy everything turned so great, although we’re not sure how all that candy will impact the kitten in the future. That’s one durable kitty indeed.

This little kitten decided he would go on an adventure

He went into a shipping container in Ukraine and three weeks later he was in Israel

The people that found him were very surprised that he was alive since there was no food or water in the container

The kitten survived by eating candy from the shipment

Here’s what the company that found him had to say about this miracle

The company said that the kitten is alive and well. He will probably go on new adventures soon enough, hopefully, this time they will be much safer

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