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Cat lived in garbage pile her whole life, scraping around to find a bite to eat

The rescuers found a kitty living in the garbage pile, and it was in horrible condition. I’ve never seen a cat looking so bad. It just broke my heart when I watched the video for the first time. It is difficult to say how Persian kitty could get to the garbage pile but the source says that animal had been living in the pile her whole life trying to survive. It was actually not a life but existence, just watch the video – how this poor thing looks is so sad. Kitty scraped around to find some food there but there was not enough of it so she was very slim. The rescuers shaved the cat immediately, washed it, provided necessary treatment and found the foster family. Just watch how she looks by the end of this video. I am glad that this fur baby was rescued and can lead normal way of life now.

Adorable Fluffy Kitten Tries To Intimidate The Ball And I Can’t Stop Laughing

There’s nothing cuter in this world than fluffy kittens in the attack mode! My favorite part is when they puff up and start with the hilarious acrobatics routine. Their unpredictable moves always have me in stitches!This cute kitten sees a shiny ball for the first time and he reacts to in the funniest fashion!

The ball isn’t doing much, but the little one… Boy, oh boy! You just have to see his silly little antics! Totally awesome! It doesn’t hurt that the kitten actually looks like a ball. Of fur, that is! Now get ready do watch this amazing battle, I promise, it will make your day!