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Cаt Lоver Вuilds an Elevаtor for His 20 Yеar Old Kittу

YouTuber Liam Thompson loves his senior kitty Frodo. He also loves building things.

He has amassed over 1.86 million subscribers because his other love is making goofy videos often featuring his DIY skills, his beloved cat Frodo and his labradoodle Max.

Frodo often loves to sit in the sun by the pool but because of his age it’s becoming more challenging to make the journey as he has to negotiate the stairs to get there.

That’s when Liam decided to put his knowledge and skills to good use and devised a way to help Frodo get safely down the stairs.

He gathered together pieces of plywood, an electric hoist, sliding door rails, and constructed an amazing DIY cat elevator so that his kitty would never have to hobble down the stairs to reach his favorite spot.

After spending days measuring, sanding and sawing, it was time to test out his invention.

He used a stuffed toy in place of Frodo to test the machine was working correctly and of course was safe. It was now time for Frodo to take his maiden voyage.

He jokingly asked Frodo: “Are you ready to go downstairs without moving a muscle? I hope so because it took me four days!”

The elevator worked like a treat and Liam describes it’s success as the greatest day of his life.

Watch the video: