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Brutal Man Forced Jug On Her Head As Her Puppy Watched, Threw Them Both Out

When a dog’s owner decided that he did not want his dog anymore as she gave birth to pups, he put a water jug into her head and threw her with her newborn puppies.

The poor mama dog, who could barely breathe, wonder the streets with her pups hoping they would find someone to help them. Many people tried to help her to remove the jug but every time someone tried, she took off running.

So, someone called WH Rescue Team for help. When they arrived to the scene, they knew that they had no time to waste to save the dog before she died because she could not breath properly, but the dog even kept running away as she did not trust people anymore.


Thankfully, with the help of some good people, they were able to corner the dog and remove the jug in a process that took many hours. They then took the mama dog and her puppies to the vet clinic to examine them.

While examining them, they found that the mama dog had many wounds all over her body, so they tried to know the reason of these wounds and they were told by a woman who live nearby the dog’s former owner that the man hit the dog with a pickax. The rescuers knew that they had to do their best to keep the dog alive with antibiotics and medication. Happily, the mama and her pups were completely healed and will go to a forever home.

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