Brilliant Octopus Unscrews Jar From Inside In Less Than A Minute

For those of you with a deep fear of the water and the great unknown of our vast oceans, what is it that instigates these fears? In my experience, the fear of certain animals can most closely be related to your lack of familiarity and understanding of the particular creatures. If you don’t like, or are afraid of, big dogs, for example, it is probably because you have not had enough exposure to them. If you had, you’d realize that they are great dogs. They can just be a little intimidating. With sea creatures, most people don’t have the time to get over the prejudices, and the fear of them can be so great that it actually keeps them out of the water. When you look at an octopus, there is a lot to be creeped out about. They have eight powerful tentacles with strong suction cups all over. They are slimy and creepy looking. The only thing most people know about them is that there are giant versions that destroy ships and kill people. (Thank you, Hollywood!) The other scary part is that they are unpredictable creatures in an environment that you may not be all that comfortable in.

Now we’re going to step it up a level by informing you that they are actually very intelligent. The video below shows what would happen if you captured and tried to trap an octopus in a jar. You might be surprised.

In under a minute, the octopus completes his full escape.
Check out the entire video below. It’s pretty incredible.

Wait, really? That did not seem to be very difficult, at all! This may not be a gigantic, bone crushing, man-eating version of an octopus. But realizing that it is more intelligent than one would think, just adds to the creepy factor. That just gives me the willies thinking about stumbling across an irritated octopus on my next snorkeling trip. A little education and creativity could make a blockbuster hit out of the next killer octopus movie.

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