Boat Crew Rescue A Young Raccoon Treading Water On The Side Of Their Boat

As humans, our goal should always be to leave nature and the wild animals that live in it unaffected by our actions. Humans tend to make things more difficult for animals when we decide to move into areas they inhabit. There are times though, where humans are in the right place at the right time to actually help wild animals. That was the case over this past 4th of July weekend. During a boat trip, the crew and passengers started hearing a crying in the water. After searching for several hours, they finally found the source next to the boat.

The sound was coming from this baby raccoon. It was treading water, but it wasn’t going to last much longer. The crew of the boat knew they had to act fast.

The crew tied a rope to a life-preserver and threw it down to the poor little guy. He crawled aboard and was able to take a breather. Someone then took a dinghy a towed the raccoon ashore.

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