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Best friends for 17 years, find out they are actually sisters

Friends are crucial part of our life and friends are the family we choose. These people are those to whom we spend our free time and celebrate all the milestone of our life. Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly have been best friends from the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. They became so close that,

they considered themselves sisters. They have lots of similarities, and resemblance so that people often point out. In 2020, a shocking revelation happened in which they got to know they are actually biological sisters. The pair of best friend got the official DNA reports, after that they were so overwhelmed and emotional.

It made them so happy and even closer than before after knowing about their blood relation. It was all started when Thomas shared photo along with Wimberly. Some of comments made them to look deeper in the relation between them. After a small talk with Wimberlys’ father, Kenneth they got to know that he knew Thomas’ mother.

Reported by Good Morning America, “Thomas mother d’ied 11 years ago but she never searched for her biological father.” After sometime it is revealed that Kenneth and Thomas’ mom once had a good time together, but he never knew that,


The Thomas mom became pregnant. After Wimberly asked her father to go for a DNA test to see if he was Thomas’ dad, he agreed. After that everyone was shocked after seeing the report. It was revealed that Thomas and Wimberly are biological sisters and share same father. They were friends since two decades without knowing the relation between them.

Wimberly said she is glad they were able to create such a strong friendship first. “I wouldn’t change it because I don’t know if we had known we were sisters that we would have this bond and be as close as we are,” she added. “I have questions, but no regrets.”