Benevolent sharks return to thank their savior taking pitons from their mouths

There are few people in the world who are willing to put their hand in the mouth of a shark. But Cristina Zenato does it regularly.

Cristina Zenato is a professional diver. She has been swimming for more than 25 years not only very close to dangerous predators, but also rescues them from fishhooks stuck in their bodies.

It’s even scary to watch – Christina literally takes metal parts out of the fish’s mouth with her bare hands without any tools.

But the most amazing thing is not that, but how she “communicates” with sharks before putting her hand in their mouth. This is real magic! Predators that can bite a person in half become like domestic kittens in her hands.

They press up against her, respond to her loving caresses, and seem to go into a trance. Even the most experienced divers cannot explain this behavior.

After the procedure, the sharks swim quickly, but some of them still return to “thank” the rescue of Christina.

Over 25 years of experience diver pulled from the jaws of predators more than 300 hooks. The woмคห keeps her trophies. According to her, these small things is another reminder that the ocean and all creatures living in it must be protected. Her collection also shows that even just one person can change the world for the better.

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