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Before And After Adoption Glowups That Showcase The True Power Of Love

Those who adopt animals are superheroes.

Animal adoption is not an easy thing, those you think you just go get an animal and everything changes for the good, forever you are wrong. There is a lot that you have to go through for such a scenario to occur. It is a whole process that requires you to be patient with it because you are going to fail quite a lot. Because animals that get adopted from shelters take a lot of time to trust their new owners, that is because they don’t really have the best of pasts. After all that these animals give us, some people still neglect them and abandon these poor things to live as strays forever. It makes me really sad but it is a reality and has to be accepted.

But where it is bad, there is good as well. Where there are people who abandon these poor souls for the worst reasons ever, there are some who provide these animals with the best possible life, they take it upon themselves to give that animal new life, a new chapter full of happiness and tenderness. And that is what transforms that animal into something completely different. That after adoption glowup is worth admiring.

Let’s enjoy some of those before and after animal adoption comparison pictures

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1. This poor thing was seen at a shelter scared and not in the mood to trust humans…



2. …Finally got herself a furever home…




3. …and is now living life to her fullest and trusts her hooman like no one else.



4. This tiny kitten was found in a forest really sick and having trouble breathing…




5. …These superheroes decided to take her up with very less hope of it surviving as they had no experience with pets before…



6. …Look at her now, booming and smiling like nothing bad ever happened. Love won.




You just have to bow down to the power of love, there is no spell or potion sweeter or powerful than this. Love is an amazing thing and looks at the wonders it can do, it can take you from zero to a hundred without you even realizing it until after you are at a hundred. These animals at hundred look so happy and adorable like they were always meant to be.

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7. This is Cookie. She used to be tied up outside in the coldest of weather and was adopted from Korea…



8. …She was only 5 years old at the time of adoption and had a lot of trouble trusting humans…




9. …But at age 11, they’re still kicking it together and having the best of times.



10. At the time of adoption: Scared and not confident at all…




I really hope you guys enjoyed this adorableness. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below because we love to go through all of them.

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