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Baby Koala and injured mum rescued from trees close to power line (Photos)

When a a baby Koala and her injured mum were seen close to power lines in Soldier’s Point in Australia, a rescue group wanted to help them.

The Hunter Koala Preservation Society in Australia called Ausgrid, the Australian power company, for help and they came with overhead line crew to make sure the koalas were safely taken down from the trees. The little Koala was named Kia and the mum Jasmine.

Kia wasn’t hurt during the rescue last year, but her little arms were bandaged after vets ran blood tests. Sadly, her mum’s leg was very badly wounded and it turned out to be a a large untreatable tumour. She also had Cryptoccosis, a dangerous fungal infection.

She had to be euthanized and Kia taken from her to be hand-raised. Aunty Fran from Hunter Koala Preservation Society wrote on their Facebook page, “Kia went to sleep in my arms and while she slept she called to her mum …. (maybe mum was saying good bye)”

Over the following months, Kia was renamed Jasmine in honor of her mother. She has been putting on weight and is very independent. “She gets up to mischief” and is extremely healthy except that she tested positive for Crypto as well and will have to be treated for at least 6 months

The rescue hopes because she is young the medication will take positive effect on her and keep her well.