Baby Clydesdale spots mom during performance and completely steals the show

Having someone “steal the show” is usually a bad thing. When it comes to cute animals, however, it’s often something we welcome! Cute animals can steal the show whenever they want and we are totally fine with it!

Part of the reason we all love animals so much is how innocent and unaware they are. When a dog or cat is funny, it isn’t because they are trying to be and that seems to make a big difference. It goes to show that being cute isn’t a show that animals are putting on for us, it’s just a part of their nature!

We don’t have a lot of info on the details of the video, but it doesn’t take away from how cute it is! The video seems to have been taken at some sort of rodeo (from the wording we can see in the stands), so it makes sense that horses are involved.

The rodeo started with a team of Clydesdales running up and down a dirt field looking professional and enrapturing.

If you can imagine the Budweiser Clydesdales, you can imagine what this team looks like! They are massive horses that practically drum the ground with how heavy they are when they run by… and then there’s the baby.

While the Clydesdale team is big and imposing, a baby horse has somehow gotten out onto the dirt and is tiny and cute!

For a while, everyone’s attention was on the massive team of horses stomping around the stadium. All it took to steal the show, however, is a little horse walking out looking for its mom! Within seconds people’s attention shifted from the big horses to the tiny one.

Galloping around, the crowd loved the little horse!

Apparently, one of the horses on the teams was the little horse’s mom! The little fella wasn’t trying to steal any shows, he just wanted to hang out with Mom and her friends. As we can all see, the little one did exactly that!

Although the video was uploaded only a few weeks ago, it already is nearing 1 million views.

People love to see the simple innocence of the baby horse looking for its mama! If the video shows us anything, it’s that this is one horse who may have a bright future in show business. Can horses have child stars? Like a horsey version of Shirley Temple, this little one is destined to be famous one day!

Make sure you check out the video below!
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