At the age of 85, actor Max Baer Jr., who played Jethro Bodine in “The Beverly Hillbillies,” looks like this.

The role of Jethro Bodine and the Clampett family on the TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies” launched Max Baer Jr. to fame as an American comedy icon. Many spectators remember the famous words “five gozinta five one times, five gozinta ten two times,” which became famous.

This iconic sitcom premiered in 1962 and continued for nine seasons, telling stories of the Clampett clan’s outrageous escapades when they relocated from their rural origins to Beverly Hills – albeit while remaining faithful to their hillbilly roots.

They caused quite a commotion as they navigated their new existence among the wealthy elite with their foolish yet lovable ways. The distinctive blend of humor and genuine appeal in “The Beverly Hillbillies” continues to attract audiences today.

Max Baer Jr. was an unintentional actor who became one of America’s most popular comic stars. His adventure began after graduating from Santa Clara University in 1959 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

He decided to go on a motorcycle adventure and ended up at a parking lot in Los Angeles. His good features and personality drew the attention of a studio executive, who felt he resembled James Garner and urged him to sign with the firm.

Thus began Max’s career as an actor, eventually immortalizing him on the famous sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies as Jethro Bodine, Jed’s son and cousin Pearl’s boy with an aptitude for math.

When Max auditioned for the role of Jethro Bodine, his career took a turn for the worse. His early roles were cameos in TV shows and movies like 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, and Hawaiian Eye. Despite the limited opportunities, Max persisted and gave his all to each role he embarked on.

When questioned about his experience playing Jethro Bodine, Max said being objective about himself was difficult. He was happy for the opportunity to demonstrate what he could accomplish with the material given to him, leaving it up to the audience to decide whether or not they appreciated his performance.

Max Baer Jr. was well-liked and admired not only by fans but also by his co-stars. While earning only $800 per episode, his genuine desire to make people laugh was never motivated by monetary gain.

He had no qualms about entertaining his audience, whether they laughed with him or at him – as long as they laughed as a result of his performance, he was happy.

Donna Douglas, who played Elly May Clampett on the sitcom, talked highly of his character’s significance. She praised his talent and kind-hearted personality, noting that he always maintained good relationships with everyone in the group.

Max struggled to find work when The Beverly Hillbillies ended because everyone identified him with the character of Jethro. Yet, because of his tenacity, he turned his concentration to film production and directing, which led to the success of his 1974 picture, Macon County Line.

The substantial earnings from this film enabled him to invest in ventures using numerous features from the show, such as casinos, theme parks, restaurants, and cosmetics. However, a series of legal disputes with CBS prevented him from entirely realizing these dreams.

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