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An abandoned turtle and rescued dogs were raised together

A strong friendship between dogs and a turtle

Not only people are able to love, but also other animals. Animals also have many emotions and can develop vital friendships during their lives. The connection between a man and a dog is amazing, but what is more adorable is the bond between animals. It’s very unusual for them nit having any similarities, but they manage to form a strong friendship.They don’t use discrimination, they just love each other.

A heart touching story became popular on the Internet about brothers and relationships a few years ago. A man found a leftover turtle wandering alone near the river. After discovering he decided to take the pure animal home and take care of her. Maybe he can find her parents.


Nevertheless, many days passed and he couldn’t find her family. But one thing bothered the guy. He had many puppies in his house and all of them were of different kinds. He didn’t know how they would respond to the new friend. He thought they wouldn’t be haply, but it tuned out a big surprise for him. This morning the guy placed the turtle among the puppies. They cleaned the place for her, and it was obvious, that they accepted her.

Although some breeds were called “dangerous”, they felt sympathy for their new friend. They grew up together and get on very well.


What an amazing scene!