Alligator Leaps Out Of Brazilian River And Snatches Drone In Mid-Flight

This is when a fisherman first tried out his drone before it was suddenly destroyed by an alligator in a river in central Brazil.

Luciano Souza, 47, told Brazilian news channel G1 that he paid nearly $1,300 for his gadget in 2020 and planned to use it last year on his annual fishing trip with friends, which was unfortunately postponed due to contracting COVID-19.

The Rio de Janeiro resident was thrilled when he was finally allowed to test the aircraft over the Javaes River in Tocantins state last Friday.

He got a quick beginner lesson on how to operate the drone and led it several yards across the river when he spotted the large reptiles.

“The alligator went really high. I had no reaction then,” Souza said. “He was very fast. Only those who have seen it have an idea.’

Drone footage recorded by Brazilian fishing enthusiast Luciano Souza captured a large alligator leaping from beneath the Javaés River in Tocantins State before grabbing the 47-year-old’s drone it used to capture a friend’s fishing trip last Friday. to lay

Luciano Souza told Brazilian news channel G1 he bought the drone for nearly $1,300 two years ago and planned to use it for the first time last year on a friends fishing trip before contracting the coronavirus. The resident of Rio de Janeiro decided to use it last week and lost it when an alligator jumped out of the Javaés River in Tocantins State and grabbed the drone while it was mid-flight.

Souza was a little more curious about the alligators and decided to fly the drone back to record them some more.

The amazing video footage shows the alligator raising its head slightly above the water and focusing its eyes on the drone.

A few seconds darkened before the alligator leapt out of the river and grabbed the drone while it was mid-flight.

“When he went up, he smashed the drone and made a noise. You can see it stopped filming in its mouth, when it hit it was very fast,” Souza said. ‘I couldn’t believe it was happening. He went up almost two meters (two feet and a half). I didn’t respond, but it’s okay.’

Luciano recalled that he was curious about the alligators he had seen and decided to fly his drone back to where they were swimming before one of the alligators jumped about “six and a half feet” in the air and launched the drone. grip

The alligators stare at Luciano Souza’s drone before he jumped out of the river and yanked him away

Souza and his fishing buddies were able to chase the alligator, but couldn’t get the mangled drone back because it was still in its mouth.

He is considering purchasing a new drone for his future fishing trips.

“I’m going to try and buy another one, run after another (alligator),” he said.

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