All thanks to the attempts of the kindhearted brothers the newborn white whale was given an opportunity to exist

To help others, all possible options should be put into action, as these brothers did.

During a family holiday on the St. Lawrence River in Canada, young boys noticed a newborn white whale wash up on the riverside.

Nicholas Milliard who was 15 told how he together with his younger brothers managed to rescue the newborn.

They added water every five minutes to protect him from drying out.

“We formed a pit so that water could collect there and humidify the skin,” Milliard says.

The Quebec family instantly contacted rescuers and carried on to care for the newborn until the arrival of rescuers.

Specialists provide the animal with water.

There is hope that the whale will be reunited with his mother or fed by another white whale.

White whales feed and look after their offspring for two years. Without maternal care, the little whale simply will not exist.

There was a time when thousands of belugas existed in the St. Lawrence River, now their quantity has decreased to 900, and the reason for it is the contamination of the wellspring.

Whatever happens, now the rescued white whale has a chance to survive. And all this is due to the attempts of kindhearted brothers.

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