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After Years On The Streets, A Cat Finds A Reason To Smile

Even with animal charities and shelters doing their best, there are still too many cats living on the streets. Some are adopted and live a nice life, others are unfortunately left to fend for themselves. In Barney’s case, the story had a happy ending.

Barney was a 6-year-old street cat that resided in Montreal, Canada. The kitten had a permanent look on his face and had had a difficult life. He had barely made it through the winters on his own and was in desperate need of assistance. Last winter, he was rescued from the street and taken to a veterinarian by kind Samaritans.


His vet checkup revealed numerous problems that needed to be resolved sooner rather than later. One of Barney’s ears was frozen and folded. He was also missing a few teeth, and had several battle scars, probably from fighting with other cats over food. The vets put him on a treatment and hoped that he can make a full recovery.

Fortunately, Barney was in much better shape after a few weeks. Instead of the freezing streets of Montreal in the winter, the kitten was delighted to be in a warm shelter. The employees adored the cat, and he reciprocated with lots of hugs.


You can check out before and after photos of Barney on the Chatons Orphelins Montreal Facebook page. Barney is a bundle of joy whose frown was erased. We hope that animal charity organizations wipe the frowns of other cats’ faces too.