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After Losing Her Children, A Heartbroken Cat Adopts An Orphaned Kitten As Her Own

Postpartum depression is a fairly common and socially accepted issue when it comes to human mothers, but few know that this can also attack animals. A clear case of this is the episode that Misty went through, a kitten who lost her entire kitten after she could not recover from the pain of abandonment and the stress of giving birth.

But now, this kitten has become the surrogate mother of a kitten that she adopted as her own. Life has given her the opportunity to be a mom again.

Kathy Stankiewicz, a volunteer with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Nevada, rescued Misty, a 3-year-old kitty, from the streets.

The kid was pregnant and had terrible injuries to her legs when he found her; but, with proper treatment, the infection was managed, and Misty became a new mother in a matter of days.

Everyone in the refuge is overjoyed.


The delivery was somewhat complicated, but this girl was able to give life to all her kittens. Unfortunately, Misty fell ill within days of giving birth due to stress and her notorious weakness and her pups could not bear the distance from their mother.

All the kittens died, while their mommy was fighting for her life. This situation was very sad and distressing for the kitten.

Misty regained her health, but has had to bear the pain of loss.

Kathy discovered a baby kitten on the street a few weeks ago and wanted to save him. Misty, who had been sad, felt a sense of motherhood when the kitty arrived at the house.

She took it in as if it were her own. “He stepped up and began caressing him,” Kathy explained.


Misty took the kitten under her wing and Kathy decided to name it Sunny. The feline was a bit reluctant at first, but little by little he has gotten used to the warmth and protection of that stranger who has become his new mommy.

Now Sunny doesn’t want to get away from her.

Misty has begun nursing him because he has recently lost weight and is still producing milk.

“Sunny now regards her as her biological mother. It wasn’t love at first sight, but there was acceptance, and it’s as if Misty was the one who brought it into the world. “I was overjoyed to have a kitten to care for once more,” Kathy remarked.

Thanks to the care of mom Misty this kitten is already thriving and is adding kilos and energy. In addition, his fur looks more beautiful every day and he looks happy next to his new mommy.

Misty had lost her children, but fate had provided her with a fresh kitten in whom she could pour out all of her maternal love. It’s a genuine miracle for Kathy, because Sunny is also assisting the cat in overcoming her stress issues, and the two are hoping to triumph together.

Fate brought them together to form a fantastic team, and Kathy is a part of it. She tells the narrative, and thanks to all the rescues for allowing us to see these happy endings.