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After Being Rescued A Scared Dog Abandoned On The Side Of The Road Melts In A Woman’s Arms


This small puppy had every cause to be suspicious and afraid after being abandoned on the side of a lonely road.

Despite her tragic ordeal, the puppy’s desire to trust and love was always present.

Animal rescuer Georgiana Neagu recently released heartbreaking footage of the moment she came upon the abandoned puppy while travelling in Romania.

After stopping her car, the terrified dog ran near Neagu, only to hide and howl when Neagu reached out to her. It appears that the dog’s experience made her doubt that anybody would treat her with kindness.

But once she was protected, the small puppy flourished, licking Neagu as if to express gratitude for allowing her to be her sweet self again.

Here’s a video of that moment:


“I knew I had to take her home with me when I saw her,” Neagu told The Dodo. “Every shattered heart may be healed by unconditional love. In my arms, she felt protected.”


It’s possible that no one will ever know how the dog got up in such a dangerous situation. But one thing is certain: her future has never looked more promising.

“Her name was Paula. “She’s always playing, and she’s hooked to my shadow,” Neagu explained. “She’ll stay with me until she finds a forever home,” says the narrator. She’s around 11 months old and such a sweetheart.”