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Adorable Family Of Screech Owls Enjoys Serene Moment In Backyard Birdbath

A parliament of baby owls was captured on camera enjoying a birdbath in 105-degree Texas weather.

Owls can potentially hold the world record for being the most adorable birds in existence. However, perhaps baby owls are even cuter than their adult counterparts. It’s nearly impossible to resist their round little eyes. They stare at you with such hope about the future. Their petite and fluffy bodies almost beg for a hug; it’s too bad that birds have such delicate bones because otherwise there would be lines around the block of people waiting to squeeze them into their arms all day!

Their long legs are easily concealed by the bulk of their feathers; they almost look like Russian nesting dolls. It’s almost difficult to imagine that such delicate creatures are predators.

According to Chattahoochee Nature Center, they use their wings and sharp talons to swoop down and seize their prey before flying off to their nest to feast. However, it’s important to know that they don’t do this out of any malicious intentions, but they have a strong desire to feed their offspring and take care of their families.