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Adorable Duckling Thinks He’s A Dog, Loyally Follows His Human Dad Everywhere

Sometime life is hard, but sometimes it gives you an adorable ducky to follow you around and you just gotta feel good.

This video was uploaded to YouTube 6 years ago and it’s still echoing around the Internet making people happy. One look and you’ll see why.

This little floof is Charley. Charley is growing up without mom, but that’s okay because he has an awesome human dad who takes him on regular walks. Wherever his dad go, Charley is sure to follow and because of that the two had become quite an attraction in their neighborhood.

It’s not that unusual to keep a duckling as a pet nowadays, but keeping one this loyal and this adorable sure is something. Seeing Charley’s cute waddle will make your day, that’s a promise. Now where do I get one of these?