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Adorable Cat With Furious Facial Expression Took It Upon Himself To Watch Over The Watermelons

Pearl is a cat. But not just an ordinary cat. This cat has an important job.

This not-so-ordinary cat named Pearl decided he will keep an eye on his owner’s watermelon farm and stall in Thailand. And he has been doing that for the past six years. But, wouldn’t a human be more appropriate for the job?

No, because a human could never compose a stare so scary that it continuously sends chills down and up the spine. The owner claims that, despite his cat’s scary looks, Pearl is the sweetest cat. But, judging by the cat’s stare, it is possible that the human was forced to say it.

Before touching watermelons, you must be approved by Pearl the cat.


What a face.




The cat on his way to the farm.

People just love grumpy looking cats. The grumpier, the better. But there may be a reasonable explanation for why people on the internet like cats so much. Sam Ford, digital strategy director at Peppercorn and a research associate with the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium, indicates that they enable us to participate in an activity that is in human nature.

“Juxtaposing surprising meanings over cat images, a la the LOLcats phenomenon, allows us projecting our thoughts onto the mysterious countenance of felines,” he says. “Not only do we project our thoughts, but we can also instantly relate to many feline facial expressions. Just like them, we too can go from plain grumpy to super excited in a minute”.