Abused Pit Bull Receives His First Treat From Rescuer. The Moment Is Melting Everyone’s Heart.

When we hear of loving individuals rescuing abused canines, one can’t help but feel immense joy in their heart. However, it is unfair that some animals have to withstand the evil intentions of their owners before receiving the forever home they deserve.

One pit bull, Finn, who used to live in a fighting ring received the latter when he was rescued from his traumatic environment. Then when his owner posted a video of him online during his transition to happiness, it instantly touched millions of people.

After taking a while to gain trust after his previous abuse, Finn understood that it was finally time to accept the food humans would offer him, realizing that not all of them have bad intentions. The dog’s owner decided to film the special moment when they gave him some pizza crust. Already licking his lips, Finn snatched the pizza from this owner’s hands and took off sprinting.

After Finn gulped down the Italian pie, he continued running around like crazy to express his joy in getting the opportunity to not just trust again but to taste something so wonderful.

Watching Finn run around is like watching a child bounce off the walls after you tell them you’ll buy them an ice cream sundae if they’re well-behaved! However, knowing the dog’s past, it is so much more worthwhile to watch considering the pup went from a harsh lifestyle to an accepting home where he could finally flourish.

It is an honor to get to watch the pit bull try his first snack and be filled with such joy.

If there is any lesson we can take from the canine, it is that we can learn to love, trust, and accept others again. Even through trauma, we can regain happiness and lead a fulfilling life.

To check out Finn’s reaction to eating his very first treat, watch the below video!

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