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A Woman Spends £4,000 On Her Pigeons Who Have Their Own Room Wardrobe And Stroller

Meggy Johnson’s pigeons have their own bedroom, as well as a closet full of clothing and a pram with which to travel. The two pigeons named Moose and Sky were rescued as chicks by a woman from Louth, Lincolnshire, England.

Despite the fact that the pigeons had a distinct rescue tale, they both need the same level of care in order to survive and grow. For six weeks, the 23-year-old female fed them by hand through a tube 24 hours a day.

He looked after them until they were completely healed and as tame and obedient as any other pet.

Woman spends £ 4,000 on luxuries for her pigeons


Meggy planned to spend over £ 4,000 (nearly $ 5,500) a year to provide her birds with every imaginable luxury so they could live the life they had always deserved.

METRO spoke with Meggy, who said:

“They have their own converted bedroom, which is their personal place, with all of their small hangers, toys, and clothes.” They have a lavish lifestyle.

They are undeniably fashionistas, as seen by their collection, which includes a variety of ensembles priced between £25 and £30.


Aside from the fact that their garments are fantastic, they also prove to be really beneficial in that they catch their excrement, allowing the house to stay clean.

Not content with these comforts, the woman has a pigeon pram for them, in which she walks and sunbathes with them. He occasionally attaches a little flying leash to them and leads them out into the garden to get some fresh air and fly.

Sky, on the other hand, likes to sit on his foster mother’s shoulder and soak up the sun, despite the fact that he has never attempted to fly. Both pigeons, on the other hand, are spoiled by their mother and have grown accustomed to living in luxury.

Meggy had this to say:

“Every month, I spend between £300 and £400 on them, but if I checked my bank account, I’d be startled; it may be much more.”


The woman stated that she first became interested in pigeons in 2016, owing to her late dog Pippa. As they traveled, his dog alerted him to the presence of a nest with two chicks, one of which was dead and the other of which required quick treatment in order to live.

Meggy brought him home and sought guidance from numerous wildlife organizations on how to save the baby chick.

She was able to save the small bird after exerting all of her efforts, and she became an insatiable pigeon keeper and rescuer from that day forward. Sky was saved in September 2019 after a guy brought the abandoned bird to her pet supply business in a bag.

Meggy continues:

“While some may argue that nature should take its course, I believe that all animals, including pigeons, deserve a chance.”


Moose, on the other hand, visited Meggy in May of this year after hearing that a one-eyed bird had been hatched. Moose couldn’t fly outside because of his condition, and he was in grave danger from predators in the wild.

Meggy had this to say:

«I told him, ‘Yes, please!’ I’d be delighted to save him and give him a chance.

Meggy looks after two additional rescued birds that reside in her pet supply business in addition to the two pigeons she has at home. Clee, a lovely pigeon, and Snowy, another pigeon, are both crippled and unable to fly, therefore they would perish in their natural habitat.

They came up with various rescue and triumph stories, but they are just as spoilt as Meggy’s two pigeons.


According to research, wild pigeons have a two-year lifespan, however domestic birds can live for up to 15 years. For this reason, Meggy hopes that all of her rescued companions will be able to reach puberty and experience all of the benefits that comes with it.

Despite the fact that many people criticize her for helping pigeons, she is adamant about erasing their negative reputation and demonstrating their intelligence. Many people are also taken aback by how kind and bright they may be.

Meggy will continue to provide all of the amenities that her rescued birds deserve in order for them to have a happy life.