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A Starbucks employee cries after being assigned to work for 8 hours.

The number of people in the United States with student debt is at an all-time high.

When a growing number of people in their twenties graduate from college only to face crippling debt, they are forced to combine work and study—a circumstance that not only limits the amount of time available to devote to learning but also has the potential to affect academic performance.

A Starbucks barista posted a new video that shows them saddened to work an eight-hour weekend shift after working 25 hours during the week. This video has sparked an online debate.

Concerns have been raised about how much work is too much and how it might affect people trying to study and work simultaneously.

Many Starbucks employees need help to fake extended work hours and become full-time students. This tension compelled one employee to seek unionization to safeguard their rights.

The worker talked about his problem in an animated video and said he was about to quit because of how bad things were at work.

Part-time work is becoming more common among students to fund their studies. They could only pay off their student loan debt and graduate on time if they received this additional income.

Sadly, employers frequently forget about these residents and may force them to work longer hours than usual.

This barista, a full-time student, is scheduled to work 25 hours per week. Regrettably, this period is frequently extended to cover weekends, with 8.5-hour hours on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, the individual has had to deal with unethical management and rude customers who routinely misgender them.

This employee’s tiredness has been exacerbated by their customers’ careless behavior and their difficult situation due to long hours and minimal help from their company.

The Starbucks barista in the video stated his dissatisfaction with being overworked and understaffed; five personnel were scheduled for the weekend shift, but one dropped out, leaving only four to handle the store.

Also, the manager had taken himself off the calendar to avoid being responsible for possible call-outs.

A client received this action angrily when their order was not ready in time – branding the barista as ‘incompetent.’

The barista responded by emphasizing the absence of personnel and explaining that the manager had purposefully adjusted their schedule to avoid punishment.

The event showed that stores with too few workers were under too much pressure, which is a problem that management needs to fix.

At the end of her video, the tired barista strongly pleaded for a union to ensure fair scheduling. She said you could only be successful if you have some help with management and the freedom not to follow orders from mobile devices.

Sadly, she was frequently overburdened with orders and received criticism.

Several older commenters could connect to this issue because they shared their experiences of being overworked in their teens.

When they were 17, one user went overseas with an M-16 and had to labor 12 days or 24 hours daily while enduring terrible situations such as bad food, inclement weather, and hazardous surroundings.

Even with all these problems, the user said that the event was one of the best times of their lives and stressed how important it is for kids to grow up and get real-world experience.

Many others in the comments section agreed with the sentiments expressed, with one person claiming that working long shifts as a nurse is not a source of pride but rather evidence of how overworked and underpaid nurses are.


Others advised individuals not to put themselves through unnecessary pain, telling readers how simple it is to grow exhausted from long hours of effort and low compensation.

This support was emphasized further by highlighting that it is needless to seek admiration or acknowledgment when facing adversity.