A hungry leopard was about to catch and eat a porcupine, but he had no idea how prickly it was

Ard van de Wetering and his wife were driving through Kruger National Park when they came upon a hungry lion on the search for prey.

PIC FROM Ard van de Wetering

The leopard came upon a spiky snack when it leaped into a culvert, who had no desire of being his dinner.

After strenuous efforts to plan an ass.a.ult, the porcupine consistently resisted the attempts by walking towards them with its well-defended back.

The leopard eventually gave up after a 30-minute struggle and went on to fresh prey, leaving the porcupine in the center of the road.

PIC FROM Ard van de Wetering

“It was very exciting and interesting encounter,” Ard added.

“Never in my craziest fantasies did I imagine that we would have such a close contact.”

“Porcupines have a fantastic self-defense capability.

“After a time, it seemed as though the leopard gave up or became bored.”

PIC FROM Ard van de Wetering

“The porcupine had all the tactics to confront him, yet it was definitely inexperienced.”

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