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A Cheeky elephants help themselves to a drink from the infinity pool on wildlife reserve

It could have been a case of trunk and disorder for a cheeky little elephant when he decided to stop at a private pool and quench his thirst.

Happy tourists watched in amazement as the giant baby took huge sips from the pool.

The thirsty young bull elephant found a refreshing drink along with a small herd in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, a suburb in the South African jungle.

Elephants have sought water outside their natural habitat as rivers and water wells become depleted thanks to the dry season.

Getting his trunk wet: This thirsty elephant decided to quench his thirst in the pool at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate


Drink up! Photographer Villiers Steyn captured the amazing sight of the young bull elephant at the infinity pool

Down the hatch: The elephant cools off in the dry South African heat with a splash about in the water

Happy photographer Villiers Steyn, 33, saw the elephant taking a sip of the coolant and managed to capture some heart-melting images.

Villiers de Hoedspruit said: “I led a private photo tour for a British man.

“I just wanted a guide for the morning and afternoon walk, the morning trip was very quiet and you could hardly see any animals.

“When we returned to the camp, we heard that the elephants had come the day before to drink by the pools next to the dining room.

“Instead of my host and I resting and relaxing, we decided to wait for the elephants to return, and in fact they did.

“I was lying on my stomach about two meters from the young bull. I was so relaxed.

“At some point, he didn’t even drink, but just sucked and sprayed water in my direction. “

I waited a long time because this happened throughout the day and I needed the water to have no waves to record the reflections, so it also required patience.

“I’m stiff right now because I’m holding the camera very low, but it was worth it. It was incredible.”


The small herd were likely seeking a new source of water as rivers run low due to the dry season